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[1] What is WebH2O?
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...from your office, your home,  out in the field or from the airport!"
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Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Means Flexibility & $avings
With WebH2O's pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay only for what you use, and only when you use it. Initial start up costs are minimal and you can enjoy the most advanced tools while paying only for the analyses you actually perform. With WebH2O there are no licensing fees, and you can use it on as many workstations as you need.


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We are looking for beta clients. As a beta client, you will have access to WebH2O at a low cost, and will be able to secure long term, very favorable pricing. Yes, you are taking a chance with us, but we will work hard to make the reward worth the risk.


WebH2O Screen Shots

Quick View Status Dashboards
Management Tools such as Quick-View Dashboards (above) let you quickly see the "big-picture".

Clickable Time Series on Map
Clickable maps let you quickly see graphs of data at monitoring locations. Example above shows temperature & precipitation data from CIMIS weather station.

Contaminant Transport Modules
Built-in Science Modules (such as the plume migration model shown above) allow you to quickly perform risk-assessments and what-if scenarios.

 WebH2O New Year's Bulletin
Start off the New Year on the right track by staying informed about the latest trends and developments in environmental data management!
What is WebH2O?

WebH2O is a web-based, Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) that combines Information Technology, advanced web graphics and analytical technical modules. With WebH2O: you can store, share, display and analyze your data; you can control the flow of information; you decide who can see your data and when. WebH2O is a valuable and readily customizable system that can be used by both large and small organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Whether you are a manager or a consultant or an environmental/GIS professional working with public agencies (e.g., utilities, water districts, sanitation districts, etc...) or private entities (e.g., land owners, agricultural organizations, food processors, water suppliers, etc....), WebH2O has solutions for your environmental data reporting, sharing, management and analysis needs.

Water levels dropping below a critical level?

Water quality looking like it's projected to reach a critical concentration?

WebH2O's auto-alerts will notify you whether you are in your office, at home, or across the world!

Well Hydrograph and Statistics

Interactive graphing tool box (above) shows time series of water surface elevation (wse) in a monitored groundwater well with automatically calculated annual + seasonal averages also shown.

SHIP, a WebH2O-powered EIMS portal, launches in Sonoma

Sonoma, CA - January 2008: The WebH2O team is pleased to announce the launch of SHIP, the Sonoma Hydrological Information Portal, powered by WebH2O. SHIP will provide EIMS support for the Sonoma Valley groundwater basin development plan. It was developed by the WebH2O team in collaboration with the Sonoma County Water Agency and a large group of stakeholders, including private landowners, utilities and environmental groups.

SHIP allows the project's stakeholders to manage their data and follow trends in water surface elevations through statistical and graphical analysis of data obtained from multiple sources, both private and public. SHIP stakeholders can control the flow of information within and outside of their respective organizations by easy labeling of their data and by assigning selective access to people within and outside of their organization. Whether you are an environmental manager, technician, lawyer, or regulator, you can view the latest data as they come on-line.  

SHIP will provide stakeholders with access to analytical and graphical tools, in addition to quick access to tutorials and information on water quality regulations, standards, reporting requirements, and well maintenance.

SHIP Contour Maps

SHIP -  Map + Science Module Screens (above), allow users to interactively explore reported data in the basin and create contour maps of groundwater levels and flow direction.

Special Focus: WebH2O offers enhanced Web Mapping Capabilities

WebH2O provides easy interactive online access to tools for visualizing your geospatial data at the click of a mouse. Using only an Internet browser, you can produce contour maps and vector plots with the most recently loaded data and overlay them directly on your existing GIS layers or satellite photos from your office, your home, out in the field, or from the airport! There's no need to buy expensive software or pay for expensive licenses.

Field Site Explorer Contour maps

Interactive Field-Site Exploration tools (above) let you overlay different types of data, such as water quality contours (colors-cale) and flow direction arrows on a single map.

WebH2O is being developed by H2O2U. We are a new company, but we bring together years of experience in environmental science & IT, and we work harder for you, at very competitive costs. The savings in costs that we offer are simply enormous. Let us compete for your business and we'll show you that we mean business.

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