Why use WebH2O?

WebH2O is a web-based Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) that combines powerful database features with a growing suite of GIS and technical analysis tools for making the most of your environmental data.  With WebH2O you can use any computer with an internet connection to

  • Efficiently & securely report, store, and share data within your company or agency and with other project partners,

  • Quickly identify trends and receive alerts about potential problems, and

  • Create maps and charts of your data and use our Science modules to help plan your next step.

Whether you are a manager or a consultant or an environmental/GIS professional working with public agencies (e.g., utilities, water districts, sanitation districts, etc...) or private entities (e.g., land owners, agricultural organizations, food processors, water suppliers, etc....), we have solutions for your environmental data reporting, sharing, management and analysis needs.

With WebH2O's pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay only for what you use, and only when you use it. Initial start up costs are minimal and you can enjoy the most advanced tools while paying only for the analyses you actually perform. With WebH2O there are no licensing fees, and you can use it on as many workstations as you need.

WebH2O is the low cost leader in this field because we do not depend on other vendors. WebH2O is built from the bottom up with industry-standard open source software tools. Our team combines IT expertise with decades of experience in environmental engineering. This translates into huge savings for you.
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